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Non-Refillable Cylindersarticle

Gases are manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142 and all our aluminium cylinders conform to EN12205 / ISO 11118 and are traceable to NPL, UKAS and NIST.

Our cylinder sizes range from the small 12 litre cylinder up to the new 112 litre cylinder which is becoming extremely popular worldwide.

We can supply all corrosive toxic gases e.g NO, NO2, NH3, H2S, SO2, HCL, HCN, Cl2, PH3 and SiH4 , LEL and other gases as you request 

Calibration Gas Mixtures

We can supply custom made gas and liquid mixtures.

We use a range of specialised internal cylinder treatments to give excellent mixture stability and optimum shelf life.

Our products are traceable to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), NIST gas standards or UKAS calibrated weights.

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