Gas Chromatographs

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Each NovaCHROM GC is equipped with specific chromatography components depending on the application. In order to guarantee a contamination free, precision or UHP quality chromatographic separation, “high purity” rotary valves in a purged box (for ADD and DID detectors) are used to prevent leakages. 1/8” Stainless Steel columns are fitted either with Swagelok® or VCR compression fittings and combined with 1/16“ stainless steel tubing and plumbing accessories throughout (electropolished if required). Other materials such as Teflon or Hastelloy may be used, as required, to eliminate interference from the matrix gas or to mitigate the effects of corrosive elements. Moreover, the packed columns with their multiple column ovens and individual temperature controllers also maintain exceptional stability, sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability.

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